Problems with nutrient tests



I couldn't do the N soil tests because the purple capsules I received are duds. I even tried it on comfrey/nettle liquid compost and still no colour! It's a real shame because Nitrogen is the most interesting one :(


Hi Vic

(Have also replied to your email)

Sorry to hear that - would you like us to send you another soil test?

Could we pass on your finding to the soil test manufacturer?

Many thanks


Hi Victoria,

If it's possible to get another soil test that would be great, I've still got the old soil samples. Please let the manufacturer know. Also, could you ask them to make those test chambers more stable, one got knocked over by itself and now leaks.

Many thanks,


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Hi Vic

I will have another put in the post for you. Thanks for letting us pass your feedback on, I will add the test chamber comment too.

Best wishes


Thanks so much, Victoria. Looking forward.

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