posting pics


Hi folks, Oliver here from GROW Communications. We are working on improving the functionality of this hub.

In the meantime, if you use twitter, facebook or instagram, and are so inclined, do post pics of how the experiment is going for you.

Some of you have already and its a great tool for us to tell more people about the experiment. People still have time to join, and the more who join the better the experiment, in terms of citizen science and impact.

Use #GROWExperiment and our handle for the platform (e.g.@growobservatory for twitter)

If you don't use these platforms, you can email pics to

Thanks folks! Its looking great so far!

Best Oliver


Hello all,

Following Oliver's message, if you are sharing your experiment plot layout photos please remember to include your GROW username and the hashtags #GROWExperiment #plots so that you and we can link the images to your experiment data.

If you do not use social media and prefer to email the photos to, please mention in the email that you are happy for the GROW team to share the pictures on social media. Thank you! We look forward to seeing them!

Hello Oliver , Raquel and everyone .

I’ve already posted some photos on Instagram using the #GROWexperiment and #GROWpolycultures .

Hopefully soon we’ll get more results from everyone .

Good luck to all .

Hello Ionut and Janna,

Thank you very much for taking the photos and for sharing them! Please always remember to mention your GROW username when sending or sharing your experiment plot photos. If you did not on the ones you have shared so far, please feel free to send us a quick email to with them so that we can link them to your experiment data. Janna, many thanks also for confirming you're happy for us to share the images you've taken (the ones that do not have people in view).

Hello GROW friends, Finally I got all the ### right on Instagram. Used #GROWExperiment (with capital E) #plots and #polyculturevmonoculture. Is that ok? My Instagram username is the same as my GROW username. I can only see Ionut's pictures and some irrelevant images from people not taking part in the experiment. Look very much forward to see more from you growers. Have a nice day :)

Hey it's nice to see some photos from Ionut and Tonje. I've stuck some on Instagram too. Looking forward to seeing more :)

Hello all .

There’s a few more people on Instagram now Caroline .

Hopefully more will join here or there so we can see how everyone is doing and learn from it :)

Best wishes .