Pomegranate orchard and permaculture farm in the Alentejo

Introduce Yourself

Hello, I'm in charge during my free time of Monte das Cebolas, a farm in the Alentejo, with a holm oak savannah (montado de azinha), where I am planting fruit trees (mostly pomegranates of nearly 100 different cultivars, but also figs, jujubes, mulberries,...). I dig ponds for water retention and wildlife, try to recuperate soils, etc. I'm interested in growing fruit trees with as little water as possible, in methods of organic content increase in soils (I currently experiment with small branches of olive trees and holm oaks + hay), in the use of fodder trees (for donkeys and sheep), in perennial vegetables,... More here: http://cebolasdocampinho.blogspot.be/


Hi Axel Welcome to GROW and thanks for the link to your blog. I had no idea there are so many different cultivars of pomegranates!

Are you taking part in any of the Future Learn courses? I hope you enjoy being part of GROW.

Best wishes


I'm just commenting because I love pomegranates! :) I saw my first pomegranate tree in Italy last year; we don't grow them in Ireland. (At least not that I know.)

Devyn, I imagine Ireland and the U.K. are slightly the wrong climate for pomegranates, sadly.