Polycultures v. Monocultures experiment

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This years' GROW Experiment is testing polycultures and monocultures. We believe this is the first ever international citizen science experiment into a regenerative growing approach, and would love all of you, particularly those in Europe to be part of it!

Many of you may have already prepared your experiment site and got your seeds ready, which is brilliant. If you haven’t done that yet, don’t worry; there is still time to get started. Depending on where you live, the beans, spinach and radish can be planted from now until June.

You can find the full instructions for getting started here including how to register for the Experiment. This includes the seeds you need, the sizes and spacing of each of the four plots and, importantly, how to layout and plant the seeds so that all our plots are consistent. You’ll also find out how to do the key experiment measurements of your harvest quality and yield.

If you have any questions about the experiment please ask them in this discussion.

Happy Growing!



I'm in. Prepping my plots this weekend. Finally got a break in the weather.

Hello Victoria .

I started with my seed sowing yesterday .

I am curious if the beans will survive the slugs and snails .

The wether here is great so hopefully the spinach and radishes will outrun the weeds :) .

Have a good weekend and happy growing to you too .

Ionuț .

Hi Alan .

Hopefully you’ll have nice weather so you can start the experiment .

What sensors did you got ?

Have a good weekend .

Cheers ,


Does anyone know where the Record Sheets are please?

I was reading through all the info about setting up the mono poly experiment etc and they were mentioned but there was no link to download or print them. So far I can't find that bit again! I assume they set out the measurements we are to take ....

It took me a while to find the instructions, too. I found it in the first post now. Hope we can get started soon. Lucia

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Hello Victoria and the rest of you,

We have prepared everything but are still waiting for Cherry belle and Cobra to arrive Spain. Feeling nervous as the delivery company rarely finds our home and time is running and as we are soon reaching high temperatures here in the south. Got alternative seeds but want to do this properly and plant all the seeds in one go.

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Hi, I finally found a way to get the space needed for this experiment, just signed up for it, hooray. Am going to move my strawberries to make it work.

Waiting for the seeds I bought on ebay before I can begin. Really pleased with the weather here in Norway now, warm an nice, perfect for starting seeds.

I am a bit confused as well, about where to register the data, I have submitted through the online form, but it doesn't confirm that it is registered.

Would very much like to have a test kit for the soil, but don't see where to apply for this?

Hi everyone, and welcome to the experiment.

A big "oops!" on the recording sheets. That's my fault, I was poorly last week and thought I'd done this but clearly hadn't! I'm working on it now. Sorry for any confusion. They should be up soon.

The soil test kits will be able to be ordered (if you live in Europe) after you tell us about planting your seeds. It should appear on the same page as you enter that planting info. It's linked from the instructions.

Do keep the questions coming. We're here to help you.

: ) Naomi

Hi Cecilie

Have you received a welcome email? If not please check your junk mail just in case or try again at: register for the experiment.

There are forms for entering your site details and planting dates under How to set up the experiment, nutrient tests and harvest forms will be added later.

I hope this helps.


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Hi Victoria, thank you for your answer, and sorry for my super late reply. Now I got everything in the earth, and radishes started sprouting. But I have a question regarding the site data. Since I filled in the site registration form, I actually moved the site approx 10 meters. My allotment neighbour needed help with a 2 x 3 m plot (!) and then I didnt need to relocate my strawberries. This New plot is more shaded than my own. How do i register this now?

Hi Cecilie

That's great news you have managed to find a plot. Please send any changes to your Land Survey to science@growobservatory.org - unfortunately data can't be updated directly yet.

Best wishes Victoria