Plants and species


What does your garden grow? Share your favourites, look for new edible options.

  • What grows well in your growing space?
  • What have you tried without success?
  • What are your favourite combinations of plants to grow together (guilds)?


Susan VerrallDundee, United Kingdom

Hi I'm Susan, and I'm involved with GROW. I'd love to know what everyone is growing, when you plant out and when you harvest - and of course - where you're from in the world.


One of my favourite guilds is a variation on the three sisters technique, of corn beans and 'squashes', adding sunflowers gives the beans other plants to grow up, and leaving the seeds feeds the birds and lets them self sow (sometimes). Plus loads of biomass and animal food.

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Julie Kingston-DalfordTruro, United Kingdom

Growing corn beans and squashes for me does not work. I am trying it for the second year and the corn is struggling to get above the squash (Hungarian blue squash) which seems to grow much faster. The climbing beans are now being supported on sticks as they grew faster than both the squash and the corn. So I am wondering if this is because the Cornish climate is not particularly hot and maybe the squashes grown in the USA are more like courgettes? I am not sure the squash under the canopy of climbing beans will ripen unless of course the beans are over first and then I will chop them off.

Julie Kingston-DalfordTruro, United Kingdom

Some things I am happy with planting this year are Rocket Early Potatoes which ripen before the blight season starts. They taste great. The ones in the polytunnel were ready end May and the ones outside in a builders bag are ready now and taste great. I am also trying 3 new Sarpo varieties to see how blight resistant they are. We are surrounded by commercial potato growers and blight arrives without fail by mid July. Tondo di Napoli round courgettes have thin skins and a great flavour and are my new favourite courgette as they and are prolific. Solent Wight garlic has also done very well. Less happy with golden mangetout which look great but have little flavour. This year, after a lot of hard frosts in May, which is unusual for the West of England the soft fruits are very sparse, hardly any gooseberries or blackcurrants although the apples and pears seem to have done better than I feared.

I've had success with the Rocket Early Potatoes here in Scotland as well until the badgers came (although in a sheltered walled garden). Not using poly tunnels so my growing season is quite short. Successfully grown courgettes (3 varieties), rocket, various lettuces, tomatoes (2 varieties) this year but less success with beans (broad, runner & french) which are puny! Plums, apples and pears have done well this year. Slugs and badgers are a continuing problem, the latter ate all our carefully planted root veg plants (carrots, potatoes) and most of the brassicas (tenderstem brocolli, cabbage, spring greens). I don't want to use chemical pesticides but I do need to grow some veg for us to eat rather than them!