Plant Power Day, Dundee Botanic Garden 20 May. GROW will be there!

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Plant Power Day is a free drop-in event for visitors of all ages who will have the opportunity to meet scientists from the University of Dundee Division of Plant Sciences and the James Hutton Institute (partners in GROW) and learn about the fascinating world of plants. The event will take place in the beautiful setting of Dundee Botanic Gardens, Scotland, so if you are anywhere in the area do come along - you'll find us in the Education Centre. There are to be a number of exciting activities for children, young and old, to participate in during the event including: DNA extraction Plant Explorer Plant / Soil Interface, Plant felting craft, Stick Insects, Robocrop (to be confirmed),Face painting, The Barrow Band ,Beekeepers, Woodturners, Arty Workshop ,Percussive Plant Printing, Badge making, Garden Games Birds of Prey, Storytelling.......and the GROW Observatory with worksheets, flyers and friendly educators from our online course Living Soils, Growing Food

The day runs from 10am-4pm and coincides with the annual Friends of the Botanic Garden plant sale.


Sounds Great. It's just a shame we can't get. Can you tell me if you can still get information from it please, or is it only from there on the day?

Hi Mailea, probably information is only there on the day; we are not taking anything new, just spreading the word about joining GROW. Is there any specific information you are looking for?

I will put this in my diary and intend to come along