Photographs of experiment


I have already completed that form and do not recall anywhere for the photographs and details I have noted other participants discuss. I have not yet received my email so maybe that makes a difference.

I am happy to do the blog type stuff but I need someone to tell me how to do it using my unsupported chromebook or an android. I will get the teens to do it for their senile ancestor but they have 21st century disease and will lose interest as soon as their fingers lose contact with the keyboard so I must be able to get it set up in one sitting.

The teens tell me we can put photographs onto the computer and thence your site/blog but I suspect we do not possess the phone interface. We can do it using a camera sdhc card if your system facilitates that method though.


Hi Carol

If you have registered for the GROW Experiment you should receive an email in the next few days, if not let us know here and we can look into it.

In the meantime here are the links to the forms. At the moment we have a form for your growing conditions]( and one to tell us when you have planted your seeds: which you can also use to order a free soil test kit.

There will be a form later on for results of the soil tests and harvesting.

You could upload your photos to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter using #GROWexperiment or if you do not use social media email them to with a note giving permission for them to be used.

I hope this helps, do let us know if you have more questions and thanks for taking part in GROW.


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Thank you for the clear reply Victoria. We will take pictures at random stages using the camera and sdhc card and send them to you on the form. If you would like pictures to be taken in accordance with a preferred frequency or at a stage of growth let us know.


Thanks, Carol!
We would definitely like a photo: 1 - of the plot set up at the start 2 - of the plot growing well / at a time of high abundance If you are able, a photo of the progress each month would be wonderful, as would a photo of your harvest.

Add #GROWExperiment and "start " or "month 1", "month 2" "#harvest", etc. to let us all know what is what. We might also be able to compile into a gallery for you(!).

Thank you :) Naomi

We will do Naomi. Thanks for the prompt response.

We will do Naomi. Thanks for the prompt response.