Parrot App and IOS 12

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Hi Since updating the iOS software on both my iPhone and iPad to version 12 the Parrot app will not open. As I cannot Open the app Iโ€™m unable to report this directly to Parrot. Is there an email address I can use or can Grow Observatory contact Parrot directly? Until an update is available I am unable to upload any data. Thanks Ian


I've just been looking at the Parrot Flower Power Community page and this problem was reported to Parrot on 7th August and again 2 weeks ago. So far there does not appear to have been any response from Parrot. Does anyone here know if there is going to be an update to the iOS app? If there isn't one forthcoming it appears that I will, unfortunately, be unable to continue with the project.

Hi Ian-if you have an old i-phone-no SIM card needed-running on at least iOS 8 or above but not yet upgraded there is a work around-thankfully we had kept an old outdated iPhone in the cupboard -let me know if this is an option for you

Hi Ian. Thank you for letting us know about this. At least one other person has reported the same problem to us. We will add this to the list of issues we need to talk to Parrot about.

Do you have a timescale for a fix? I was due to put in three more sensors this weekend but not much point if I canโ€™t connect them ๐Ÿ˜ง

I have just had the same problem. New sensor just up and running. Apple update to 12.0 now nothing working.

I have the same problem - my IPhone has updated and now the Flower Power app is not opening