Online Meet Ups date change : now Thurs 6 December and Thursday 10 January - please note

Community Champions(Last edited )

After email discussion, these are the confirmed dates and times for the next CC online meet ups please add these new online meet-up dates to your calendar now!

β€’ GROW Places online meet-up Thursday 6 December 2018 – 1200 GMT/1300 Europe Join Zoom Meeting

β€’ GROW Places online meet-up Thursday 10 January 2019 – 1200 GMT/1300 Europe- Join Zoom Meeting

We will confirm the agenda a week before the meeting each time, but you can add any items you want to have discussed by asking in the forum or by emailing

I should also take this opportunity to let you all know that I am leaving the GROW Observatory project on 12 December. Someone will replace me and they will hopefully be in the job by the meeting in January.

It’s been inspiring watching the GROW Places grow and I wish you all the very best with the Changing Climate mission and beyond!

Best wishes and keep on GROWing! Amanda


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