Online Meet up on 6 December - notes and actions

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Thank you to all of you who attended the Online Meet up on 6 December. The notes of the discussion and answers in the meeting are in the GROW Communities Drive here. All queries have been answered directly to the champions concerned.

Here's a reminder of the World Soil Day Follow up Actions:

  1. Please note the email addresses in the sign up sheets form Pavlos has sent. We strongly suggest that you send a follow up email to those who attended, perhaps summarising the results of any workshops and thanking them for attending - please copy to us at GROW including the email addresses.

  2. Photos: please provide a selection of your 25 best photos to the link shared on the google drive.

  3. Press and Media. Please send us any links to press coverage of any form, or take a scanned copy if its a newspaper or other printed copy - this would be a great help to show the numbers of people engaged in the WSD action.

  4. Here's the link to the presentation given by Deborah Long, Programme Director on Sensor Distribution: Presentation link

  5. We also shared the Sensor Log spreadsheet. This shows the number of sensors distributed. All Community Champions are asked to to fill in columns I and J (yellow and red) so that we can get better information.

  6. Please make sure that when you need to order more sensors, you do so only using the Sensor Order Form not just by email.

The next online meet up is scheduled for Thursday 10 January, 2019 at 12 noon GMT (1300 Europe)



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