Nutrient and PH test kit

About the GROW Observatory project

I'd like to receive the above kit: where sould I apply? thank you


I was unable to do hardly any growing this year as I have moved. Would I be able to do the experiments next year? I am currently creating straw bale raised hugelkultur beds for the first time- very exciting

Hi Diane The GROW team are still deciding what activities to run next year but in the meantime you can sign up for the GROW Newsletter (if you haven't already) to keep in touch: Best wishes


Hi Paola, just to add from Victoria's message that these kits are available to people participating in the GROW Experiment. We hope you will join us.

Kind regards, Naomi

I already joint you, can't you see me?

I think I did it through the Future Learn course Living Soil Growing Food: Do you remember we had a 'conversation' last Wednesday, me writing and you speaking? Pls let me know if I have to register again, no problem

Hi Paola, Ah sorry - I hadn't connected your full name with your name on the call. It's great to see you here too!

It looks like you've submitted some of the data we collected during the course but not signed up to the experiment. Please do that here: Make sure you are logged into the site first (you are if you can post here!) and complete the first 3 steps/links at the top of the page - 1 - sign up. Be sure to include your location via the map 2 - tell us your site observations (you have done this!) 3 - tell us your planting dates.

Once you've entered your planting dates, then you are eligible to get the free nutrient testing kits and they'll be automatically sent out to you in the next batch (going out next week).

I'm so pleased that we found out about this 'gap'!

with warmest wishes, Naomi

Ok, I did it. Pls check everything is alright. Thank you and have a nice evening