No-Dig, Hugulkultur & Micro Garden with Livestock

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Hello! I moved to Canterbury last Autumn and was thrilled, in a rented place, to be able to create some growing space in our garden, as well as keeping chickens. With short experiences in growing, biodynamics, organics, permaculture, food, nutrition and soil health over a decade of working on the land and studying, I am busting at the seams to just get on with it!

So far, I mulched overwinter and now the soil is blank and ready to be planted. I've also recently been introduced to tierra preta (Black soil) found in the Amazon, that supported generations of citizens through skilled soil management practices - especially including charred remains of wood that were added to soil. I'm trying this on a very small Hugulkultur bed with charred wood from a BBQ last year! Ive also dug an area which I will make into a pond and have some ducks, as Ive experience of caring for them (very easy). I also want a few chickens. I wonder if this is all possible in a small home plot...we will see!

Overall, I'm interested in learning how to create a sustainable, meaningful and valuable way of life by interacting with the natural environment daily by growing, foraging, cooking, enjoying the beauty of the outdoors and continuing to learn especially by imitating as much as possible the systems that are around us with minimal pollution and waste. This is an idealism but why not start somewhere? I did!


Welcome to GROW Mark and thanks for the great description of your plot and aims. I hope that you have taken a look at our online courses with FutureLearn, especially Living Soils, Growing Food which you can register for now. Once registered you can take part in its activities in your own time.

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Hi Mark, your plans sound so exciting! Let us know how it all goes in your small growing space. I can't wait until I get a garden to play with. I currently have a 2m squared patio in the shade as my garden.. What do you plan to grow this year? The ducks should be amazing at keeping the slugs and snails away!

I think it is definitely a worthy idealism to have, and it sounds like you are starting extremely well! I aim to begin foraging this year, but I'm always worried that my skills in plant identification aren't good enough, any tips?


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