Next online Experimenters meet-up 10th October


Hello Experimenters!

Our next and final online meet-up of the year will be on 10th October 9am UK time (10 am CET). Check the time in your country here.

We will be doing a live assessment of soil texture which you can join in from home! All you need is a soil sample collected as per the instructions, a tray/large plate/plastic bin bag to protect your working area and a cup/bottle of tap water.

Our optional online monthly meet-ups are a great opportunity to discuss the experiment and your experiences with other growers and our GROW scientists and researchers. Anyone participating in (or just following the experiments) is welcome to join no matter where you are in the world.

We are using a video conferencing system called Zoom for the meet-ups. You can join the meet-up by following this link in your web browser If you already use Zoom for video meetings, you can also join from your desktop or mobile app.

Warm wishes


On behalf of Naomi, Victoria, Alice, Raquel, Gerid, and the GROW Observatory team



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