New 2018 polyculture experiment


Hello everyone .

I am Ionuț from Romford , UK and permaculture and growing things got my attention around 2012 . We are very happy to have our allotments from 2016 . I wanted to ask everyone doing the experiment in the UK if you could sow your seeds ? So far my beans are germinating but won’t risk to put any in at least for another week . Great growing season to all !


Hello Ionut. I'm going to sow my beans this weekend indoors, then plant them out in a few weeks and sow the spinach & radish at the same time. I'm in the NW.

Hello C Osbourn .

Sounds good . The colour of the Cobra beans it’s nice , already germinating . Our allotments are in SW . I want to start with some radishes Friday . Ideally will plant 100 just to get some percentages easier :) . Good luck !