My GROW photo story

Introduce Yourself

Hello growers!

I am Adela, a global citizen currently based in Dorchester, Dorset, South-West England.

Although I grew up surrounded by food growers, and although I have done some volunteering on organic farms, a.k.a. wwoofing, I have never grown something from seed to plant. I planted seeds, but I was not there to take care of them; I cared for plants that I did not plant myself; and I harvested plants that I did not plant or care for.

As an environmentalist, I feel that it's time I learned to grow my own food, now that I have a little bit of stability, which is why I decided to take part in this experiment.

As a documentary photographer, I thought that it would be a good idea to document my growing attempts and to share photos with the world, to inspire others to start growing.

Here is my GROW album on Facebook.

A selection of photos will probably appear on Twitter too.

Hoping to contribute to this meaningful experiment and looking forward to learning from you all!


Hi Adela .

Very nice photos of the experiment in your Facebook . Well done and good luck to continue it :)

Best wishes

Looking forward to see more of your lovely pictures :)

This is a wonderful idea! Thanks for sharing your story and your photos.