May is finally here and with it the start of the Great GROW Experiment!

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We hope that our online community will all join our exploration of polycultures and monocultures. We believe this is the first ever international citizen science experiment into a regenerative growing approach, and would love all of you, particularly those in Europe to be part of it!

Many of you may have already prepared your experiment site and got your seeds ready, which is brilliant. If you haven’t done that yet, don’t worry; there is still time to get started. Depending on where you live, the beans, spinach and radish can be planted from now until June.

You can find the full instructions for getting started here including how to register for the Experiment. This includes the seeds you need, the sizes and spacing of each of the four plots and, importantly, how to layout and plant the seeds so that all our plots are consistent. You’ll also find out how to do the key experiment measurements of your harvest quality and yield.

The GROW Experiment forum is the place for any questions about the experiment. (Sign up to the GROW forum to join the conversation.)

The free online Living Soils, Growing Food course is about regenerative growing practices and experimenting on your plot. Sign up before Friday 4th May for unlimited access to all content. If you complete the course, you will receive a free certificate!


I've asked this elsewhere but thought I'd put the question here as well, this is a very tricky site to use. When I was reading through the poly mono experiment instructions there was a reference to recording sheets, there was no link to follow so can you tell me where they are please? I haven't found that bit again yet!

I agree, I find it rather confusing and can only find what something when there is a link in the FutureLearn course, but no way of finding it direct.

Hi Sarah & Diane, I am sorry that you are finding it difficult to navigate around the Experiments instructions on the site. I have forwarded your specific query about recording sheets to the permaculture scientists who created the experiment and I hope you will hear from them soon. I will also see if I can look at the experiment pages and see where the issues are. There is however quite a lot of interaction between the experimenters on the GROW Future Learn course Living Soils, Growing Food and those participating in the Experiment directly from our GROW website, so its quite normal to be directed to and from the content on the FL site. How are you getting on now?

Hello Amanda thanks for your reply, I maybe worded what I said badly, I don't have a problem with the experiment pages it's more navigating about the site between pages and links that I find a bit messy .... for want of a better word lol no offence intended