Make an Earthworm Hotel: Activity for our Living Soils theme

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We have a new activity for you this month - making an earthworm hotel.

The purpose of the activity is to see up close the effects of earthworms on the soil, so you can understand better why earthworms are a very important part of Living Soils.

Download the Earthworm Hotel pdf here:

A note about GROW activities and experiments How do you become a citizen scientist? All you have to do is start experimenting! GROW has developed a number of ways you can get started - with our online learning courses, and our experiments and activities that you can do in your own growing space. In GROW Experiments (, we invite you to join in by carrying out observations and setting up simple experiments in your own growing space, and then recording your data - this develops into a knowledge base we can all use to learn more about our soil and sustainable growing practices. So that everyone from all ages and experience can be involved, we have also developed some activities that are fun and easy to do, and these will be posted on the GROW website and social media.

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