Looking for growers contribution to the GROW art commission! You all are vital for this piece!

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Dear Wonderful GROW Community!

My name Kasia Molga and I am a design-fusionist / artist in residence for GROW, currently working very hard to create an art project which would connect GROW community, your work, efforts, your produce and data to the wider world.

Local produce and delicious food is an experience which connect us - humans - to soil. By cooking delicious healthy meals we appreciate its ingredients and thus the soil which bore it for us (perhaps in a big measure unconsciously). This way we also appreciate people tending to the soil, caring for the produce.

I want to collect some of your recipes for meals made out of your own produce and share that with the wider community or the rest of the world. I want to do that to bring attention to your amazing work as growers and soil guards, and I want to try and build a connection between the food, soil and the rest of the world. In addition to recipes there are three more questions about the soil from your land. Answers to all of the questions are crucial to help to develop "By the Code of Soil" artwork.

The recipes will be part of the "By the Code of Soil" “app” - provided to people based on their location - drawing their attention to local produce. The “app” of course will have more to it - but for now it is a secret, however for it to be success I really need your contributions! And your ideas for meals!

Looking forward to receiving more answers to the questionnaire! https://goo.gl/forms/FJINYhhMK2RS0ccA2

Please do not be shy! There are only 4 easy questionnes and I cannot do it without you!

Have a wonderful Sunday,



What a great idea Kasia! I' ll write a recipe in the next days!

Hope my recipes are not too late

Hope my recipes are not too late

I left my answers yesterday :)

Love the idea. My answer is a bit odd but I hope it will interest you.