Living Soils - a movement worth joining

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GROW Observatory has been giving you lots of information about the soil beneath your feet this month to keep you keep mindful of what we need to GROW soil in this key growing season: through our newsletter (straight to your email box and available on the website), in the informative and inspiring GROW Stories (Medium blog) and our twitter and facebook posts.

You should have received two GROW Newsletters in August - if you haven't signed up yet, you can do so at Involved)

There's a great inspiring article in GROW Stories from Pavlos, an ethnobotanist and olive grower in Greece about how we should all get involved in the Living Soils movement and what it means to him Bringing the Living Soils Movement everywhere

You could take a look at what others are saying about soil - GROW partner Chris from the Permaculture Association has given us plenty of resources to view in his article in our GROW Stories

Our twitter feeds and Facebook posts also provide lots of resources including a Friday film for you to relax into at the end of the week?

And not forgetting our first GROW Experiment to get your citizen science going; these aim to help you better understand your own growing practices and how to improve them and to answer key questions about sustainable growing practices on a broader scale. The first GROW Experiment taking place now from Aug-October 2017 should help you answer these sort of queries: Does mulching improve soils? ? How does location influence any effect of mulching? i.e. does it work better in some places than other places? Read more about it and sign up by 6 Sept to join in here


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