Living Soil

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Living Soil is the GROW Observatory monthly theme for August.

Each month, GROW looks at a topic or theme related to our project goals. This becomes our monthly theme, and we develop blogs, activities, and other content to share with you. We also look to other content creators who have interesting ideas to share - from this we develop a monthly links list with suggestions of related articles and videos we hope will interest, entertain and educate you.

Read more in the Monthly Themes discussion thread about Living Soil.

You should also have received two GROW Newsletters into your email box in August packed full of resources - if you haven't signed up yet, you can do so at the GROW website (Get Involved)

GROW partner Chris from the Permaculture Association has given us plenty to view in Living Soils Resources. You can submit your own articles to be published in GROW Stories via Medium (submit as a draft to GROW Stories).

Our GROW Stories on Medium include The Soil Jungle Beneath Your Feet and from Pavlos, an ethnobotanist and olive grower in Greece an inspirational article about how we should all get involved in the Living Soils movement and what it means to him Bringing the Living Soils Movement everywhere


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