Let's talk about soil and data!

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During each month's theme, you can expect to find new posts by the GROW team on our Medium account, and also from GROWers in the online community, simple experiments you can try in your own space, curated content, helpful videos and more. You can join in this conversation on the GROW forum, and share your own knowledge, ideas and experiences!


Have you seen the article from Pavlos Georgidas, our olive grower in Greece about how he has been introducing GROW’s vision of collectively generating our own data to Greek growers, through simple experiments and the use of low cost sensors, which could help bridge the country’s enormous data gap? Link

I have registered on the OU course and then was linked to the Grow Project. I have registered to the website and is highly interested to become an active participant in the Grow Project, and provide data from Malta. What is the next step, please?