Join GROW's free online course: "Citizen Science: Sensing the World" starting on Monday 26th March

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Hello all,

My name is Raquel Ajates Gonzalez. I am part of the GROW Team. I have a wide range of interests in food and farming related topics, including food policy, agroecology, food and agricultural cooperatives, and citizen science.

It is fantastic to see how the GROW Observatory brings so many people from very different backgrounds together, from agroecology, permaculture, to DIY technology and sensing.

I take this opportunity to invite you all to join GROW's free online course: "Citizen Science: Sensing the World" starting on Monday 26th March. In this course we will explore the latest advances on Earth Observation and climate monitoring, including the applications that have been developed for use in food growing.

As part of this two-week course, you will have a chance to learn about the history of satellite missions and the past and future of citizen science and citizen sensing. We will also start exploring types and uses of soil sensors.

You can do the course at your own pace and you can enrol for free at any time before 6th March by following this link Citizen Science: Sensing the World

I look forward to connecting with you during and after the course!


HI I Just took part in soil to sky webinar. I asked a question about the sensors in the different grow places. I am within the Tayside/ Dundee area. I had already sent an email to GROW about this. I was told that I wasn't suitable for a sensor on my plot as it doesn't have a 30m radius. my plot is 20. by 12m. I felt that a 30m radius would exclude a lot of small growers and allotment holders and what was your response. After posting the question on u tube I no longer seemed to be able to post questions or comments. Perhaps Im being paranoid but can you confirm that I was not blocked? The comment I made was: I wondered why you are saying plots need a 30m. radius to get a sensor from your previous sensor course? I have a 20m by 12m. allotment and you have said this is to small to get a sensor from GROW. I feel that my allotment is fairly typical size and you will not get many small growers. My email is:

Hello Raquel . It’s quite late answer but I have been on this website long . I finished the Living Soils course and then joined the one Sensing the world . It’s great to learn more about regenerative soil management . Cheers , Ionuț

Hi Rod . Sounds very suspicious indeed . I agree with you 30 m radius it’s a lot . Our allotments have normally about 20-25 m by 7-10 , depending the plot . They haven’t mentioned that anywhere else . Hopefully we’ll hear more about it . Cheers , Ionuț