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My IPhone has upgraded and now the Flower Power app. will not open. I see from the discussion that I am not the only one this has happened too. Any information or suggestions? Will this be fixed,or should I start again useing an Android tablet ?

Evelyn Maguire


Hi Evelyn. We are hoping this can be fixed. If you do have an Android tablet you could use, that may be a good solution. I'm going to discuss this in a meeting on Wednesday and I'll let you know after that if we advise you to connected your sensors with another device.

Hi Evelyn. It will be fine if you want to start using another device to collect data from your sensor. Make sure you log into the Flower Power app with the same account you were using on the original device. I would also suggest deleting the app from your iOS device. A couple of days after collecting data on the new device, it would be great if you could check the My Data page to confirm that the new data is showing correctly - (Let me know if it isn't)

Hi Sarah Thanks for that - I still have a problem. I have downloaded the Flower Power app on to the Android tablet but it is not letting me sign in. The error message reads" Login error. Cloud is not available" It is also telling me that my e-mail address is not viable ????? Wi-Fi is ok and Blutooth is on. Any ideas?


Hi Evelyn. Thanks for letting us know about this. We will investigate it with the makers of the app.

Hi Evelyn

We are pleased to say that Parrot have now updated the Flower Power app so it is compatible with iOS 12.

If anyone has further trouble please let us know.

Best wishes