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Hi. Very glad to hear about the project and participate to whatever degree I can. I have an allotment in Cambridge UK since 2014 and didn't come across permaculture and agroforestry till recently but started growing in raised beds, no-dig, organic and with the intention to be self sufficient for as many months as possible. I just started the course and have a lot to catch up with. Exciting to see how diverse the group is and looking forward to the results.

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Hi Marisela and welcome to GROW Observatory. GROW is building a virtual and real citizen’s observatory across Europe. In order to take part in the GROW citizen science work you can join our GROWers taking action in growing spaces wherever they are, learning together with other growers on dedicated online spaces. This first open online course, Citizen Science: From Soil to Sky is an introduction to citizen science methods and then we are providing two different GROWing missions during 2018 on Changing Climate and Living Soils. In both missions you will get to try out exciting new ways to improve soil and food production methods by doing simple, coordinated soil observations and experiments to capture and make sense of data on your local environment. This will help to validate good growing practices and environmental monitoring. I hope that you enjoy the course(s) - I suggest that you sign up for the GROW newsletter if you haven't already done, so that you hear about our latest activities. Our social media platforms are also a great way to share your comments and show us your growing practices.