Introduce Yourself

Hi, I'm Nikki, from Edinburgh, Scotland. I just started the FutureLearn Course. I have an organic allotment plot and just going into the second year there. I am very keen to learn more about building and improving the soil not just at our own allotment, but to understand the greater impact of climate change and our soils in general.


Hi Nikki. Thanks for joining us on the course.

Hi Nikki, I hope you are enjoying the course? If you'd like to take part in citizen science soil sensing experiments we will be distributing sensors via our GROW Places to validate the Sentinel 1 satellite findings across Europe. The central belt of Scotland is to be a GROW Place with a community champion soon to be announced who will help distribute and install the sensors to anyone who wishes to take part, living in the central belt. If you are interested in participating please email to be put in touch with the Scottish community champion organisation.