introduce yourself

Introduce Yourself

Hi from rural Aberdeenshire.

Small farm mostly being managed to maintain and enhance biodiversity with woodland, species rich grassland, increasingly rough hay field, a small orchard and some growing areas. Here I am trying to improve the soil by a number of methods combining bits of Permaculture, min dig/till, low compaction and no herbicides or pesticides. Year or year we are managing to grow more successfully. Increasingly fascinated by soil science and the politics of soil. Delighted to have found GROW and te course from Soil to Sky.


Hello Josh, Welcome to GROW! We look forward to hearing more about your methods, please share ideas with other growers in the course too, GROW is keen to promote peer to peer learning. We are planning two more courses this year, you can read more about the next one, Citizen Science: Sensing the World, here:

bonjour. Je suis la promotrice de la ferme JOSIELLE.