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We own a parcel of land in Mallorca in which we want to use permaculture to be as self sufficient as possible. We have almond and olive trees and have set up a fairly productive vegetable garden. The soil is poor quality as we are up a hill. I notice it is lacking in iron as some plants show as being deficient. I would like to understand how to improve our growing in this Mediterranean climate and have learnt that I cannot grow the same way as I do in the UK.

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Hello Carole, I live in Barcelone and I am growing veggies for 20 years, first in tradicional agriculture, but for five years with a permaculture view. I'm used to Mediterranean grow, and The Main problem we face is drought, so You have to increase moisture, apply mulch, lots of compost. If You need some help with What You can grow and when, I can help you. Do You know What is "parades en crestall" is a system born in Mallorca.