Important information for iPhone / iPad users who have sensors

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We have been made aware that the Flower Power app does not work with the latest version of the iPhone operating system (iOS 12) which was released in September.

While we look into this problem, we are advising anyone with a sensor to stay on iOS 11 and not accept the upgrade to iOS 12. Your phone will keep reminding you to update to iOS 12 but you can just ignore the reminders.

We have contacted the company that makes the sensors and app and are waiting to hear back about their plans for updating the app.


We are still in the process of working with Parrot on this. We understand they are seeing it as a priority to update the app. In the mean time, please wait before updating to iOS 12 and change your phone settings to 'manual updates' so that the phone doesn't update without you knowing. We appreciate your patience while we get this resolved.

Parrot are working on an update to the app to make it compatible with iOS 12. They are hoping it will be available in the app store as an update by Friday 19th October. We'll post again when the update is available.