How useful are the Parrot flower power app alert messages (insufficient water and nutrients) for farmers?

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Hi A farmer just asked how a missing plant (lucern) could be added to the plant database of the flower power app. I have send a notification to parrot via the app (it automatically generates a request for you if you can't find your plants in the database) However as far as i have understood so far from the GROW scientists i heard, we should not consider the Parrot flower power app plant database and nutrient measurements alert messages ('insufficient water in the soil' and 'not enough fertiliser'). As the sensors only measures in the top few cm of the soil anyhow I wonder how the parrot app can produce these alerts reliably and how useful they are...

Is there any info/advise from the GROW teamfor growers/farmers about using or not using parrot app alert messages ('insufficient water in the soil' and 'not enough fertiliser')? Has this been tested at all?

It makes me feel awkward to know that farmers are interested in that part of the app. Should I explicitly tell them to not take this Parrot app evaluation seriously? Has any of you community champions had a similar situation and what did you do?

Many thanks in advance Warm wishes to everyone out there! Tania


Hi Tania

GROW scientists have been assessing the accuracy of the Parrot sensor and do not think the fertiliser readings are applicable for farmers as the sensors were designed for container plants.

The moisture readings are accurate but I do not know if the alerts are, I've asked our sensor team what their thoughts are and will let you know.

Best wishes


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hello i was asked by a farmer if the sensors are TDR based (Time-domain reflectometer) best volkmar