How to apply for soil testing kit / planting dates / direct sow or modules

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Hi there,

I am about to start the polyculture experiment and I have a couple of questions.

Firstly, how do I apply to get the soil testing kit. I live in Ireland. Also, is there a specific stage of the experiment in which to do the testing? For example, does it need to be done before I sow plants?

Secondly, does it matter exactly when I sow seeds or plant them out? I usually start beans in modules to give them a chance to survive any slug attacks, ditto spinach. Is that an issue? Do I need to note the sowing / transplanting dates?

I presume I'd sow / transplant both the monoculture and polyculture plants at exactly the same time. Is that correct?

I look forward to your reply,

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Having just posted, I have now discovered the 'how to set up the experiment section'. From that it seems that I need to wait until after I have planted my seeds to ask for the soil testing kit.


I planned my sowing times and put into the form the dates for the radish 2nd 3rd and 4th rows in advance using 2 week delays :)

Hello Ferris and Tamas, it is great to hear you are so ahead with your experiment set up. Ferris, you are right, you should sow / transplant both the monoculture and polyculture plants at exactly the same time so that they grow in exactly the same weather conditions. This is the link to the detailed instructions for setting up the experiment in case others are looking for it as well:

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Helen Gooderham Powys Uk

Finished laying out plot, tomorrow will plant spinach and radish, because we could still get a frost here, the beans have been planted in pots in the greenhouse wher they will stop for the next couple of weeks.