How many participants are we?


Dear GROWteam, Only out of curiosity... How many participants join the experiment? Wish you all a wonderful evening and a growing Thursday tomorrow. Tonje


Hello Tonje. I only know of you, Ionut, Carol, Diane and me. It would be good to have a link to the map so we could see where everyone is and then view a photo gallery of their progress.

I just joined, from Paxton in the Scottish Borders.

Hi, I am Carole in Mallorca and I planted on 19th May. I agree it would be good to know how many people are involved and where they are. This year has not been normal weather here so unsure how my results will be.


This is a great question. There are over 180 people signed up already :)

We had planned on showing you everyone on a map, but the new GDPR laws are causing a bit of a headache on that front, unfortunately, since location is personal data, and not all software is compliant. I agree that this is really good to know and your suggestions to do this really help strengthen our resolve to implement this.

In the online meet-up last week, it was clear that people were experiencing some very unusual weather - very hot and dry in UK, very rainy in Italy, for example. As part of the analysis, we will be including climate data to help understand our results and any differences in locations. Sneak previews of this will be included in the next online course in November "Citizen research: from data to action".

You can help too by making a note along with your harvest data of what the recent weather has been like for you and, for example, if you've watered your plots.

Please keep all your suggestions, requests and ideas coming!

With warmest wishes, Naomi

Yes, it's been unusually rainy here in the outskirts of Barcelona too...

I've signed on very late and live in Prague. Can I join this project in any meaningful way or for the moment will just read your comments?

Hi Liz, Welcome to GROW. Yes, it may still be possible to get results from the experiment if you have some warm weather so your crops can grow. Spinach and radish, at least are fairly quick to grow. If you have mild autumns, your beans could still do very well too. You can find a link to joining the Experiment and more details of what you need to do here.

I hope that helps and look forward to learning with you.

Kind regards, Naomi