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Hi, I live on the water meadows of the River Test in Hampshire UK. I have a large garden (but a small cottage) and I’ve been growing veg there for 20 years. I’m curious about this project, and wonder how I can help.


Hello Tessa, Thank you very much for your nice message, there are different ways to get involved in GROW. You can take part on our free online courses: we have run 3 this year that you can still access and complete, and we are running a 4th one starting in November, we will share more information about how to enrol very soon. Most of the courses involve participants carrying out their own tests and observations in their own growing plots or gardens and submitting their results, that then are analysed collectively to learn more about soils and growing techniques.

This year we have run a citizen science experiment to compare polycultures and monocultures: and it will run again next spring, so please do join us if you can!

Another way you can contribute to the project now is by sharing your planting and harvesting dates to help us create an Edible Plant Database that offers food growers more accurate planting and harvesting dates for their region than those provided on the back of seed packets. It would be fantastic to learn from your 20 years of experience! You can submit your dates by joining the dedicated facebook group: if you are not on facebook, let me know and we can share an email address you can email them to if you prefer that option. I hope you find the project useful and exciting, let us know if you have any questions. Best wishes, Raquel

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Hello Tessa, I'm replying here to your query about how to submit planting and harvesting dates for plants whose seeds come from a different country from the one they have grown in. One of the options you will find on the Edible Plant Database facebook page is "variety", please can you add this information when submitting your dates? This will also provide more detail to other growers on the google map showing all the contributions. Many thanks for taking part part in the project, Raquel