Hi my name is Ellie

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Hi my name is Ellie and I have just acquired an allotment in Devon with thick clay red soil so I need encouragement to find the best ways of nurturing the soil as there are NO worms in my soil yet.


Hi Ellie Surprised to hear there are no earthworm in your soil!

Generally worms like lots of organic material to feed on so adding lots of compost or well-rotted manure to the soil can help. It might be worth checking the pH of your soil too - earthworms generally prefer neutral to slightly alkaline soils.

Best of luck with your allotment!

Victoria (worm fan)

There is a critter that kills off earthworms - canโ€™t remember its name - so it might be worth checking for that?

You could also buy worms to put in your compost heap to speed things up.