Hi I'm Steve

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I'm an Engineer, Small Business Owner, Permaculturist & Amateur Photographer. Also tweeting for @ScotPermaculture

We live on just under 12 acres in the far North of Scotland, Achentoot (check us on Google Maps) to be precise.

It's a blank page apart from some plantings of many (several hundred) pioneer tree species (eg birch, willow) and a few stayers (eg Oak, Hawthorn). The plan is to get a forest garden growing but first some shelter belts need to be developed from the prevailing wind (It's windy in Caithness).


Hello Steve,

Welcome to GROW, it would be great to know how our forest garden develops, do share updates and photos please. You might be interested in the "Living Soils, Growing Food" course that we will be running in May this year. You can find out more about it here: https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/grow-soil-to-food/2. Best wishes, Raquel

Thanks Raquel, is this anything like the workshops Naomi van der Velden is giving at Permaculture Association Scotlands Gathering on Skye ater this month? I'm co-organising The Gathering and hope to be able to get along to Naomi's two talks are...

Practical workshop: An opportunity to learn about and try out some simple but effective tests and observations to better understand your growing soils. We will introduce some of the principles of soil science and describe how we've used and investigated techniques in the GROW Observatory to balance scientific rigour and practical usability. Participants will be given the opportunity to get their hands dirty testing out the best techniques for quick soil assessments. We'll discuss how the findings can be used to improve soils and food growing. don't miss our other workshop to explore other tools and resources for soils, regenerative growing, local planting dates and more.

Second workshop: The value of collective research on soils, crops, permaculture and climate change: The GROW Observatory From soil-sensing communities to finding the best local planting times, this ambitious EU citizen's observatory project connects growers with scientists specialising in satellites, in soils, and in agroecology to improve our collective knowledge. Lots of free resources and tools have been created - find out how you can benefit. Don't miss our other hands-on practical workshop to explore soils!

I did do the first GROW Observatory course with FutureLearn