Hi from West Yorkshire

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Hi from West Yorkshire. Liked the GROW from Soil to Sky course, so naturally I had to continue my learning with the latest course GROW from soil to food one. I'm not much of a gardener. To be honest I just planted things & hoped they lived, & did my best to nurture them if they did. I've found more info than I ever knew with gardening through both the course & varying links because of it. I'm glad I found it and hope that this time it helps me to be a more better gardener, and definitely to produce more better satisfying results. Looking forward to it.


Hi Mailea, that's great to hear you came here following the Soil to Sky course and that it was really beneficial to you. Sounds like you'll also enjoy the experiment of polycultures v monocultures on the course - if you have any photos of your efforts so far or if you take any during the course as you continue to practice, please do send us on any via our social media channels - Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. Enjoy the course, Aaron

Hi Mailea, I'm originally from just down the road in Halifax! I am the same sort of gardener, pop things in and hope for the best. I'm glad the course has helped!