Hi from Hugh in Leysin, Switzerland

Introduce Yourself

Hi, My name is Hugh K. and I coordinate a fairly new school garden program in Leysin, Switzerland. We are trying to take a permaculture approach and we are novices, learning as we go.

Here's some information about our project.

Start date: March 2016

Participants: High school & middle-school students & teachers; some local community members

Site size: ~ 1000 sq. meters of mostly steep hillside pasture, with some trees and some flat areas. We have maybe 30 sq. meters of gardening beds currently.

Altitude: ~1350 m

Aspect: Southeast

Hardiness zone: 4-5

Average frost free days: ~145-150

Average precipitation (2004-2017): 1390 mm

Here is a video about our site: https://vimeo.com/252142544

Some of the techniques we are exploring:

-Terracing and other landscaping to capture soil & water

-Companion planting



-Seed saving

I'm looking forward to seeing how GROW will help us gather and share data about our site.



Hi Hugh, I'm on the GROW outreach team and I'd be interested in sharing your project with others in GROW as a short blog post with some photos. If you'd be interested in that, please send an email with 'For Chris WB' in the subject line to hello@growobservatory.org