Introduce Yourself

I'm Robin from Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK. Got an allotment. Not much good at growing things. Just like digging and being in the open air. The plants can do the growing.


Well Robin, hopefully GROW can help you learn how to grow better, both more nutritious plants and more about your soil conditions! I hope you can sign up for the first GROW free online course Citizen Science: From Soil to Sky https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/grow-from-soil-to-sky which will help you understand your soil better and you might find our following course which includes how to use a soil sensor and how to monitor the changing climate. We plan a Living Soils mission later in the growing season as well where you can compare traditional and regenerative growing practices which might support your knowledge of your growing areas. If you sign up to our e-newsletter this should keep you informed on all these activities - and do follow our social media, we'd love to see some photos of your growing area.

Hi Robin, Iā€™m another person in the Leeds area.