Hello from Spain!

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Hello, I am Sercan who is a stats student, doing volunteering in an ecovillage of Sevilla, Spain. I am so glad to encounter GROW Observatory and excited!

As being in the south of Spain, the climate makes water management so important. I thought If I can get to know better the soil, I can optimize irrigation adequacy using my stats and computer science skills. Therefore, before discovering GROW Observatory, I started to work on (Soillog)[https://github.com/sercandogan/soillog]. And I also want to follow my enthusiasm for agriculture, that's why started to learn about using satellite imaginaries and use machine learning methods on agriculture.

These are the ideas that want to focus on and love to participate in the community and contribute it.

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Hello Sercan, welcome to GROW!

Your soillog using Raspberry PI looks really interesting, have you tested it in the field?

Best wishes

Victoria GROW Citizen Science Facilitator