Hello from SELco in, Frome, Somerset UK

Introduce Yourself

Hi to all, from the Shared Earth Learning Co-op based in Frome, Somerset.

We're based at the Vallis Veg organic farm near Frome, in Somerset, South West England, and we planted out our seeds last month. We're having very dry and sunny conditions, and working hard to keep our plot well watered.

Our group includes young adults with additional learning needs, forest school teachers, parents and children, allotmenteers and teenage gardeners. Our aims are to nurture a love of nature in our local community, and we're enjoying taking part in this citizen science experiment.

Hello everyone!


Welcome Jenny and all at SELco!
Great to hear lots of people are enjoying the experiment with you.

I agree that the dry weather here is a challenge! We'll be talking a bit more about this at the Experimenters online meet up on Wednesday. You'd be most welcome to join us if you can.

***Experimenters Online Meet-ups *** 4th July 2018 at 9 am UK time (10 am CET). Check the time in your country here.

All experimenters and observers from around the world are most welcome to join us for real-time conversation with members of the GROW team and other experiment participants. Join using this link in your browser or the code 8451237997 in your Zoom app.

Participation in the online meet-ups is entirely optional and additional to the experiment itself.

Best wishes, Naomi

Hello Jenny , Dr Naomi and all .

Looking forward to the online meeting tomorrow .

Best wishes