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Hello I am Nimal Fernando from sri Lanka.work as land use planning officer. Already I am growing my home garden. I like to get your idears and knowledge


Hi Nimal and welcome! Hopefully this discussion forum will be a useful way for you to converse and share knowledge with other growers. Most of the participants here are Europe-based but it would be really interesting to see your efforts in Sri Lanka! If you're on Instagram do send us on any photos of your learning in action! We're also active on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube if you're on any of these.

I don't know what your climate would be like to take part in the GROW experiment that a lot of people here will be doing, but do sign up if you're interested: https://hub.growobservatory.org/my-experiments/register/polyculture-vs-monoculture

I hope you enjoy getting to learn with the GROW community.

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Hello Nimal, welcome! What are you growing in your garden? I would be interested to know if your work as a land use planning officer involves promoting spaces for food growing in urban areas?