Hello from an urban clay filled garden

Introduce Yourself

Hi, this is my first course on growing, looking forward to learn how to improve the soil in my new house... very sticky clay yay! This will be the first year in my first house, just bought a poly tunnel to start growing our own veg too :)


Hi Lauren, yes, interesting conditions you may be working with and can get some other perspectives on through the course - both from our staff and other participants! If you'll be transforming the new place it would be great to see a before and after as your growing practices develop over the coming while. Feel free to send us on any photos of how things develop. We're active on social media over at Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Good luck! Aaron

Hi Lauren Sounds like we've got the same problem. Just dug my patch in the garden & found that it's also got plenty of clay. I'm starting by adding compost to it to see if that will help, but I'm also hoping to learn whatever else I can do to improve the soil. Should be interesting.

Hi Lauren and Mailea We've recently moved here to find a garden which is pretty much solid clay. Fine for making pots but awful to cultivate. I've decided to create no-dig beds for my veggies, not least because I injured my back some years ago and heavy digging is no longer in prospect. My main task now is sourcing enough compost to fill my home-made beds. Charles Dowding's books and YouTube videos are really helpful as a guide to starting off.