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Dawn Ingham
Dawn InghamDundee, United Kingdom

Hi, I'm looking forward to being part of this. When I moved into my property in Perthshire 13 years ago I inherited a 70ft x 30ft plot that had largely been used as an allotment by the previous owner, but had not been looked after for five years previously, and up to just 5 years ago was still digging out potatoes from the lawn! Last year I dug a wildlife pond, which is now thriving (despite the blanket weed!), and I have a flowerbed and vegetable patch (not used this year). I have a beautiful cherry tree, which is still producing dark red eating cherries, a large number of which are now cherry pie filling in the freezer. I love wildlife and prefer a more cottage style of garden. Where I live we have lots of bats flying around at dusk. Best wishes Dawn

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Hi Dawn, your garden sounds beautiful! What an exciting adventure to restore it and create a wildlife garden.

The RHS have some nice tips on pond weed that might be of interest to you.

Do you have any tips on getting a good cherry harvest? I recently moved too and have some fruit trees in the garden. The cherry tree produced just a few cherries this year and the birds got them all just as they started to turn pink! I have some plans for some restoration pruning and to keep the birds off, but any tips on encouraging more fruit would be most welcome.

Are you planning to get your veg patch going next year? If so, we'd love for you to join in the GROW Experiment.

Thanks, Naomi