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Good morning. I have had further emails from Helen about her problems. I decided to mention them on the Community Champions page as it is a little more private than other pages.

Can the team advise us please?

On Tue, 7 Aug 2018 at 22:17 w.mccombes@btinternet.com < w.mccombes@btinternet.com> wrote: Hi Helen,

Did you get the issue with connection of sensors to phone and then "My data" sorted out?



HI Wendy, Not yet. I have just tried logging out of the flower power app on the phone. I will then try logging in again. I'll let you know how I get on. Cheers Helen Helen Taylor Glenfender Cottage Amulree Dunkeld PH8 0BY

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Also when I go into each sensor on the app (such as Glenfender Meadow) if I click the water symbol it gives me the last moisture reading, but when I click the temperature and sunlight symbols and the feed one - it says no plant assigned - although when I look at the graphs it does show readings for the temperature and the sunlight. Just thought I would send through this info in case it helps. Cheers Helen

Original message---- From : helen@glenfender.org.uk Date : 07/08/2018 - 22:51 (BST) To : w.mccombes@btinternet.com Subject : Re: Sorted out

Attached is what my app looks like. It does all the right things when I go and gather the data. I wonder if the grow people could disconnect my flower power account so I could try reconnecting? Is there a way to login to your flower power account separate from the grow website? It's very frustrating! Cheers Helen


Hi Wendy, these issues need to be resolved by the technical team. I will pass this to them and ask them to respond to you directly by email and to Helen in the forum.

Hi Wendy. It seems like all Helen's problems are with the Flower Power app. Is that right? If Helen is having any problems with the GROW website, could you explain what those are? You can email any screenshots to technical@growobservatory.org Thanks

Hi Wendy, please could you send me the email from Helen so that we can see the attachment showing what her app looks like?