Harvesting the crop


How do you know when they are ready to eat? And how do we know that spinach is ready to be harvested? The beans are the only ones I can easly imagine how to realise when they are ready to be collected...


Hi Valeria

Spinach can be harvested as soon as the leaves are big enough to pick. Take a few leaves from each plant, cutting them off low down with a sharp knife or scissors. Select the outer leaves first and allow the inside ones to keep growing. Spinach leaves are usually nicest as younger “baby” leaves and can be eaten raw or cooked. If they get a bit larger, they might be nicer cooked.

For radishes brush away some of the soil above the root with your fingers. If the roots are too small, cover them up again and let them grow a bit more. If the roots are ready to harvest, hold it at the base of the leaves, just above the root, and pull upwards gently. If the roots are left to get too big they get woody and not nice to eat, in this case you can let the radish go to seed and harvest the seed pods when they are green. The pods have a milder taste than the roots and can be eaten raw in salads.

Does that help?

Other people may have their own tips on when crops are good to harvest, please share here if you do.

Best wishes, Victoria

THank you so much for this information!