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Dear Experimenters

Online forms for your Experiment harvest and soil nutrient tests results are now available.

The online form for recording your harvest from the Experiment is now available here: https://hub.growobservatory.org/my-experiments/polycultures-v-monocultures/crop-harvest. Please complete the form even if your crops have produced only a little harvest, or even failed completely, as this is still valuable data. You can continue to submit as many times as you need to until your harvests are complete.

Full instructions for measuring the quantity and quality of your harvest are available here and you can also find a printable harvest recording sheet to make it as easy as possible to collect your data outside and then enter it via the GROW website.

The online form for recording the results of your soil nutrient tests is now available here: https://hub.growobservatory.org/my-experiments/polycultures-v-monocultures/soil-nutrients-and-ph.

Thanks again for your patience while we got these working, and for taking part in the Experiment.

Best wishes



Can I get a set of sensors and quick soil test8ng kits for pH. n P and K? Also what’s the minimum size of sample required fir those test kits to work?

Hi Lorna,

Thanks for your request.

The sensors are part of the GROW Changing Climate Mission which takes place in specific locations around Europe, including near Dundee.

Please fill in this form to check if your growing space and location are suitable and someone will be in touch.

The soil nutrient test kits (NPK, and pH) are available to everyone in Europe who has joined the GROW Experiment and planted the three crops. You can take part in the experiment (and all other aspects of our Living Soils mission) no matter where in the world you are!

You are most welcome to join the experiment, but it might be a bit late now to plant the beans and get a good harvest (depending on what the weather does!)

Hope this helps?

Kind regards, Naomi

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