Growing methods

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Welcome to the GROW Growing topic!

In this topic you can discuss ways of growing, including your successes and challenges, such as:

GROW is providing science-based growing information through:

Online courses

GROW runs free online courses for you to learn about understanding your soil; how to adopt more sustainable growing practices and how data from GROW Places can be used to understand a changing climate. For more information on the courses, what they cover and when they run visit: The GROW Online Course Programme.

The GROW app

The GROW Observatory App includes tips on regenerative growing practices, and planting and harvesting advice tailored to your area. Download it for free for both iOS and Android devices from the App Store and from Google Play.

Medium blog

The GROW Medium blog includes articles written on how to improve your soil, the importance of soil moisture, dealing with pests and more.

Activities and experiments

Find activities to help you understand soil and growing, look up terms in the GROW Glossary or run your own polyculture experiment using materials in the GROW help and support pages.


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