Grow sign on my garden fence for the neighbours to see

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I am a Permaculturalist, have built a 1500 SqM garden in Corfu and starting a garden on an empty Athens block. Both are receiving negative reactions from the neighbours so I would like to propose we put up a sign on our fence saying

This garden is a Grow, or Citizen Science, site taking part in a european union initiative to study soil production and gardening technologies. or words to that effect.

What do you think ?

on the subject of negativity I have no clue why there has been negative remarks but in both cases I have received word that someone is unhappy with the changes but have never been directly approached. I believe this sign would overcome any fear and change it into anticipation and curiosity.

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Hello Kosta,

Thank you for your interest in GROW, we don't currently have any signs but we are considering getting some done later this year, we will keep you updated if we do. In the meantime you might like to try having an open day every couple of months? That way the neighbours can come in and see how the garden is developing? Giving them a chance to ask questions and share their concerns could be the best way for them to overcome any unfounded fears. All best wishes, Raquel