GROW Place Ireland - First Meet Up 24/5/2018

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We held our first meet up of Grow places in Donegal , Ireland on 24th May . This first meet up was with a few local growers and organisations from the area . I (Joanne Butler) made a short introduction as to what it was all about and what the growers had to do throughout the changing climate mission . There was seven people in total and the response was very positive . All the growers and organisations wanted to get involved and help spread the word also on this mission . We gave out the manuals first and we are going to get the sensors out to them this week . I am also on a drive now to spread the word out over the county and hope to hear back from new growers , projects and people very soon . We will update you on the first wave of data coming in soon !


Great to hear Joanne. If you have time I'd love to hear what sort of growers were the people who are taking sensors? Community gardeners, back garden family growers, larger scale, orchard growers? What sort of questions were they asking you?

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we had four fmaily growers with the intention of regenerating their soil and increasing biodiversity on their sites (all aprox 3 acres) then we had a local glasshouse organisation that sells veg boxes to local community they have about 9 acres and students that can monitor the sensors for them . We also had a larger scale regenerative agriculture project that is looking to install up to 30 sensors . They were mostly asking questions about the sensors themselves but most of the answers are in the manual which is really user friendly . They are also going to help spread the word so hopefully this snowballs now for us and we get good uptake in the coming days / weeks . I plan to speak on the local radio station tomorrow !