Gretna Garden City

Introduce Yourself

Hi there, I'm Danny ant I live in Gretna, Dumfriesshire Scotland, the new garden city built during the First World war, to accommodate and support the workforce at H.M. Factory, Gretna, the world's greatest ever factory (9 miles long and 2 miles wide) <> I have just enrolled on Citizen Science: Living Soils, Growing Food University of Dundee MOOC on Future Learn. Prior to my retirement in 2005 I was the quality manager at a compost manufacturing facility, and worked with many of Britain's top horticultural companies, to produce growing mediums which met their own particular needs.. Making the soil more fertile and sustainable has always been an interest of mine, ever since I was first introduced to gardening & rural science at school With all this climate change, soil quality becomes even more important and I want to play my part in protecting what we have for future generations to enjoy.


Hello there...great to hear about your experience, you are very experienced and an amazing resource 😁I'm fascinated with soil and currently trialling tierra preta and no-dig at my small home garden. Do you know the techniques? I'm studying ethnobotany at UKC. I look forward to chatting about soil and compost!

Hi Daniel, Wow what an experience base to come with and a resource to draw on for other participants on the course. Great to have you. It'll be interesting to contrast your experience and interest with the material covered and hear back what in particular has been helpful.

Are you active on social media? As it would be nice to get any photos of the garden city and your own growing practices at work. We're on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Do keep in touch on how you find the course. All the best, Aaron