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Hello! Can anybody tell me - does the Flower Power app capture the GPS location of the sensors at the time of data collection?

I have some sensors located in an area with virtually zero mobile phone signal (due to surrounding topography & trees). Should I collect GPS data independently of the phone synch? If so, how do I append this additional info to each of the sensors?

TIA. John.


Ok, so I'll post this update as it may help others with a similar issue.

I had to set up sensors at one particular location as I needed WiFi connection to download firmware for each sensor. Each sensor records it's GPS location at this stage and does not automatically update when data is collected at a later time with the sensor moved to it's permanent location.

I took a handheld GPS unit to each sensor location and marked it with a waypoint. I then uploaded these points to a Google Map. I was then able to copy & paste GPS coords from each point & update the location of each sensor on the My Data tab here.