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Hello! Can anybody tell me - does the Flower Power app capture the GPS location of the sensors at the time of data collection?

I have some sensors located in an area with virtually zero mobile phone signal (due to surrounding topography & trees). Should I collect GPS data independently of the phone synch? If so, how do I append this additional info to each of the sensors?

TIA. John.


Hi John

The GPS location is taken when the Flower Power sensor is first connected to your phone. If your GPS signal is poor it may be a good idea to record it separately. The location of the sensors can be viewed and edited from the My Data tab or using this link:

Hope this helps.

Best wishes


Ok, so I'll post this update as it may help others with a similar issue.

I had to set up sensors at one particular location as I needed WiFi connection to download firmware for each sensor. Each sensor records it's GPS location at this stage and does not automatically update when data is collected at a later time with the sensor moved to it's permanent location.

I took a handheld GPS unit to each sensor location and marked it with a waypoint. I then uploaded these points to a Google Map. I was then able to copy & paste GPS coords from each point & update the location of each sensor on the My Data tab here.